Capital Markets

Our trading desk works with a number of financial institutions to create liquidity in public markets through strategies we perfected in house.

We participate in book building with investments banks across the “Street” for new issue products. Products include IPOs, Secondary Offerings, Preferred Debt and Fixed Income.

We always look to partner up with sell side firms on substantive ideas and new products.

Structured Finance

We provide capital to small-cap and middle market companies for growth, acquisition, and other business expansion initiatives. Our investments range from $250,000 to $20,000,000, depending on the stage of development and capital needs of the target company.

Investment structures include but are not limited to Convertible Debt, Secured Loans, Preferred Equity and Straight Common Stock (PIPE’s).

Private Equity

Similar to Structured Finance but on the private side, we work with small-cap and middle market companies in the private sector to help with capital for growth and other business needs. We invest throughout the capital structure, including Senior and Mezzanine Debt, as well as provide other custom financing solutions.

Real Estate

We work with real estate developers to provide financing for construction projects, rehabs and other developments through debt and equity investments.

We also provide senior and mezzanine loans on cash yielding properties and portfolios.